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Warehousing 2500kg Outdoor Electric Forklift

The electric forklift, with its credits of being harmless to the ecosystem and energy-monitoring, working discreetly, offering adaptability and usability, requiring low upkeep costs, and giving high wellbeing, remains as the ideal hardware for the present strategies, stockpiling, and transportation tasks.
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Product Description


  • Eco-friendly and energy efficient: Electric forklift trucks are powered by electricity, thereby eliminating tail gas emissions and reducing environmental impact. Additionally, the cost of electricity is less than that of fuel.

  • Quiet operation: Electric forklift trucks operate without the noise typically associated with internal combustion engines, making them ideal for environments that require quiet, such as libraries and hospitals.

  • Agile and user-friendly: Electric forklifts are compact and offer flexible maneuverability, making them suitable for narrow spaces and corridors. They can be easily started and stopped at any time, ensuring ease of operation.

  • Cost-effective maintenance: The mechanical design of electric forklifts is straightforward, making them easy to maintain. They have a low failure rate, resulting in relatively low maintenance costs.

  • Enhanced safety: Electric forklifts feature electric brakes, which provide a strong braking force and quick response time. This makes them safer and more reliable than traditional mechanical brakes.


The electric forklift stands out with several key benefits that make it the perfect tool for modern logistics, warehousing, and transportation. First and foremost, it holds the advantage of being environmentally friendly and energy-saving. This is due to its electric-powered operation, which eliminates harmful tail gas emissions and uses less energy than traditional fuel-powered vehicles, contributing to the preservation of our environment.

Moreover, the electric forklift operates with minimal noise, a feature that sets it apart from its internal combustion engine counterparts. This makes it an excellent choice for environments that require silence or a low level of noise, such as libraries and hospitals.

In addition to these, the electric forklift is known for its flexibility and convenience. Its compact size and flexible steering make it suitable for narrow spaces and corridors, while its easy start-stop mechanism ensures a user-friendly operation.

From a cost perspective, the electric forklift proves to be a wise choice as well. Its simple mechanical structure leads to a low failure rate, which in turn translates into low maintenance costs, making it a cost-effective solution in the long run.

Lastly, safety is a paramount concern in any operation, and the electric forklift excels in this aspect. It is equipped with electric brakes that provide strong braking force and quick response times, making it a safer and more reliable option than forklifts with traditional mechanical brakes.


Product Details

Door frame

Premium-grade manganese steel profiles, combined with a single-piece steel plate welding, form the H-shaped steel door frame, offering exceptional resilience and a high degree of safety assurance.


Constructed entirely from superior steel and welded together, the vehicle boasts a sturdy structure. It is further treated with an electrophoretic paint finish, offering robust protection against corrosion.

Roof Guard

The unique interface features a one-piece molded roof guard, which is not only aesthetically pleasing but also long-lasting. Its arched design offers superior compression resistance and a high degree of safety.


Utilizing a single-piece forging method, the structure boasts high durability and stability, making the truck adjustment process more convenient and efficient.


Exclusively designed for lightweight and small tonnage forklifts, it utilizes high-end brand axles and a supporting system, with an integrated axle box design.


The forklift features natural rubber tires that are both wear-resistant and quiet. Its solid tires can operate non-stop for 24 hours, reducing maintenance time and cost. Despite low-temperature requirements, they offer a robust load-bearing capacity.

Side panels:

Crafted using multi-part molds, the product boasts an aesthetically pleasing design and high-quality finish. Its distinct lines add to its agility, creating a visually dynamic and powerful look.

Steering wheel:

The use of a hydraulic-assisted multifunctional steering wheel ensures easy operation and precise control. This superior interface between the user and the machine provides a comfortable and enjoyable driving experience.

Wide body gantry:

Both the front and rear top beams have been fortified, with the column resistance being amplified by the addition of two pipes.

LED headlights:

The uniquely designed LED headlights, which are independently developed, combine aesthetics with functionality and shine 25% brighter than standard lamps.


Featuring seats similar to those found in premium brands, driving fatigue is minimized, ensuring safety and durability.


Equipped with a cargo transport support function, anti-slope capability, and automatic parking. Safety is assured with the help of an electromagnetic brake and anti-skid brake system.

Inlet cylinder:

Equipped with a robust piston rod and imported cylinder, ensuring a leak-proof seal.

Scram button:

Any emergency arise, the power supply of the vehicle can be instantly cut off by pressing the emergency stop switch, thereby minimizing the risk of accidents.


Features a combined battery system for enduring power.

Product Parameter

We are a company specializing in the production of electric forklifts. We are committed to providing high-quality electric forklift products and providing customized solutions for customers. 



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