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Multifunctional lithium battery stacker truck

The Electric Stacker boasts a range of exceptional features that set it apart from traditional stackers. Its fully electric operation eliminates the need for manual effort, ensuring a safer and more ergonomic working environment for your operators. Say goodbye to tedious manual labor and hello to increased productivity.
  • ES-10



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  • Protection of the Environment and Energy Conservation: Electric stacker trucks operate using electricity, which results in a significant reduction in tailpipe emissions and a positive impact on the environment. By opting for electric power, these trucks offer an eco-friendly solution and contribute to a cleaner and greener future. Additionally, the cost of electricity is generally lower than that of fuel, leading to cost savings and improved energy efficiency.

  • Reduced Noise Levels: Electric stacker trucks operate silently, devoid of the noise typically associated with internal combustion engines. This characteristic makes them highly suitable for environments that require a quiet and peaceful atmosphere, such as libraries and hospitals. The absence of excessive noise ensures uninterrupted work and a pleasant working environment for operators and those around them.

  • Flexibility and Convenience: Electric stacker trucks feature a compact design and exceptional maneuverability, making them well-suited for navigating narrow spaces and passageways. With their agile steering capabilities, these trucks can effortlessly move through tight areas, providing operators with flexibility and ease of operation. Moreover, their ability to start and stop instantly enhances operational efficiency, enabling smooth and convenient handling of materials.

  • Cost-Effective Maintenance: Electric stacker trucks possess a simple mechanical structure, making maintenance procedures straightforward and hassle-free. The reduced complexity results in a lower likelihood of mechanical failures, leading to fewer maintenance requirements and decreased maintenance costs. This advantage allows businesses to allocate their resources efficiently and maximize the uptime of the trucks.

  • Enhanced Safety: Electric stacker trucks are equipped with electric brakes that offer superior performance compared to traditional mechanical braking systems. These electric brakes deliver a substantial braking force and exhibit rapid response times, ensuring heightened safety and reliability. Operators can rely on the electric braking system for secure and efficient stopping, minimizing the risk of accidents and promoting a safe working environment.


The Multifunctional Lithium Battery Stacker Truck is a cutting-edge and adaptable material handling solution that combines the capabilities of a lithium battery with a range of functions to cater to the diverse requirements of multiple industries. This stacker truck is meticulously engineered to deliver efficient and dependable performance while providing the versatility to handle various tasks in warehouses, distribution centers, and manufacturing facilities.

A standout feature of this stacker truck is its employment of advanced lithium battery technology. Compared to traditional lead-acid batteries, the lithium battery offers numerous advantages. It boasts extended operating times and faster charging capabilities, minimizing operational downtime and maximizing productivity. Furthermore, the lightweight nature of the lithium battery enhances the stacker truck's maneuverability and overall efficiency.

Designed to be multifunctional, this stacker truck effortlessly performs a wide array of tasks. Its robust construction and high lifting capacity enable it to effortlessly lift and transport heavy loads, including pallets, containers, and other materials. Additionally, it may incorporate functionalities like side-shift capability, allowing for precise load positioning and efficient handling in tight spaces.

Safety is of paramount importance in the design of this stacker truck. It is equipped with state-of-the-art safety features to safeguard both the operator and the goods being handled. The stacker truck's stability control system ensures stability during operation, minimizing the risk of tip-overs. The precise braking system provides excellent control and enhances safety in bustling industrial environments. Moreover, safety sensors and alarms are integrated to promptly alert operators to potential hazards, ensuring a secure working environment.

Operator comfort and convenience are also key considerations in the design of this stacker truck. The ergonomic operator's compartment is engineered to reduce operator fatigue, enabling extended periods of operation without compromising efficiency. Adjustable seats, armrests, and controls can be customized to suit the operator's preferences, providing enhanced comfort and reducing the risk of musculoskeletal disorders.

The multifunctional capabilities of this stacker truck are further enhanced by its intuitive control panel and user-friendly interface. Operators can effortlessly navigate through various functions and settings, streamlining operations and maximizing efficiency. Additionally, the stacker truck may offer customizable performance settings, empowering operators to adjust parameters according to specific tasks and requirements.

In conclusion, the Multifunctional Lithium Battery Stacker Truck is an innovative and versatile material handling solution tailored for diverse industries. With its utilization of lithium battery technology, robust construction, advanced safety features, and operator comfort, this stacker truck delivers efficient and reliable performance. Its multifunctional capabilities and user-friendly interface make it an ideal choice for businesses seeking a flexible and efficient solution to their material handling needs.


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Quality in the smallest detail,with a thicker chain fora smooth rise.



Folding down the pedalsgreatly improves thecar's footprint and passability




Fork steel plate reinforcement,to enhance the firmness ofthe fork and load-bearingcapacity so that the goods liftmore smoothly.


Folding down the pedalsgreatly improves thecar's footprint and passability



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