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4500kg Electric Forklift

The electric forklift offers a range of advantages that make it a sustainable and cost-effective choice for modern logistics, warehousing, and transportation operations. It is environmentally friendly and energy-efficient, ensuring minimal emissions and reduced carbon footprint. Operating quietly, it creates a conducive work environment. With its maneuverability, it provides flexibility and convenience, particularly in tight spaces. In terms of maintenance, it offers cost savings due to its simplified structure. Moreover, it prioritizes safety with advanced features. Overall, the electric forklift is the perfect equipment for efficient and eco-conscious operations in contemporary logistics, warehousing, and transportation sectors.
  • CPD-50



Product Description


  • Environmentally friendly and energy-saving: Electric forklifts, powered by electricity, offer significant environmental benefits by eliminating exhaust emissions and reducing overall environmental damage. This makes them a more sustainable and eco-friendly choice compared to fuel-powered alternatives. Moreover, electric forklifts have the advantage of lower operating costs, as the cost of electricity is generally lower than that of fuel. This combination of environmental friendliness and cost-effectiveness makes electric forklifts an attractive option for businesses looking to reduce their carbon footprint while also optimizing their operational expenses.

  • Low noise operation: Electric forklifts offer a distinct advantage over forklifts with internal combustion engines: they operate quietly. This makes them highly suitable for noise-sensitive environments such as libraries and healthcare facilities. The absence of engine noise significantly reduces the overall noise level, creating a more peaceful and conducive environment for work or other activities. With electric forklifts, businesses can ensure a quieter and more comfortable atmosphere in settings where noise reduction is crucial.

  • Compact and easy to handle: Electric forklifts are specifically designed with a compact structure and agile maneuverability, making them well-suited for efficiently navigating tight spaces and narrow corridors. Their compact design enables them to maneuver with ease in confined areas where larger forklifts may face limitations. Additionally, electric forklifts feature an easy start-stop mechanism, allowing for effortless operation. This user-friendly functionality simplifies the handling of the forklift, enhancing overall productivity and reducing the learning curve for operators. The combination of compact design, agile maneuverability, and easy start-stop mechanism makes electric forklifts a versatile choice for effectively operating in challenging and space-restricted environments.

  • Economical maintenance:Electric forklifts are renowned for their straightforward mechanical design, ensuring hassle-free maintenance. With a minimal malfunction rate, they offer the advantage of relatively low maintenance costs.

  • Increased safety: Electric forklifts are equipped with electric brakes, which deliver robust braking power and rapid response times. This feature enhances their safety and reliability compared to forklifts equipped with traditional mechanical brakes. The electric brakes provide stronger and more precise braking capabilities, allowing for efficient control and stopping distances. With quick response times and enhanced braking power, electric forklifts ensure a safer operating environment and reduce the risk of accidents or collisions. The inclusion of electric brakes further solidifies the reputation of electric forklifts as a reliable and secure choice for various material handling applications.


The electric forklift showcases a range of unique features that make it an ideal asset for contemporary logistics, warehousing, and transportation operations. Its eco-friendly and energy-efficient nature stems from its electric power, eliminating harmful emissions and consuming less energy than traditional fuel-powered vehicles. This promotes environmental preservation and sustainability.

Furthermore, the electric forklift operates with considerably lower noise levels compared to internal combustion engine counterparts, making it highly desirable for noise-sensitive environments like libraries and healthcare facilities.

Moreover, the electric forklift is lauded for its maneuverability and user-friendly design. Its compact structure and flexible steering enable seamless navigation through narrow spaces and corridors, while its simple start-stop mechanism ensures effortless operation.

From a financial standpoint, investing in the electric forklift proves advantageous. Its uncomplicated mechanical design leads to fewer malfunctions, resulting in reduced maintenance costs and long-term cost-effectiveness.

Lastly, safety takes precedence in any operation, and the electric forklift excels in this aspect. Equipped with electric brakes, it delivers formidable braking power and swift response times, enhancing safety and dependability compared to forklifts equipped with traditional mechanical brakes.

In summary, the electric forklift offers a range of standout features, including eco-friendliness, low noise levels, maneuverability, cost-effectiveness, and safety. These factors contribute to its appeal as a top choice in modern logistics, warehousing, and transportation operations.


Productor Detail

Door frame

The H-shaped steel door frame of the electric forklift is constructed using high-quality manganese steel profiles, which are fused together with a single-piece steel plate welding technique. This meticulous construction method ensures exceptional durability and provides a significant level of safety assurance. The use of high-quality manganese steel profiles enhances the strength and resilience of the door frame, making it highly resistant to impacts and potential damage. The single-piece steel plate welding further reinforces the structure, creating a robust and reliable frame that withstands demanding operating conditions. With this design, the electric forklift ensures both long-lasting durability and a high level of safety, offering operators and bystanders peace of mind during material handling tasks.


The vehicle boasts a sturdy framework constructed entirely from top-quality steel, ensuring exceptional strength and durability. The seamless welding technique employed in its construction adds to its structural integrity. To enhance its longevity and protect against rust and corrosion, the framework is further fortified with an electrophoretic paint finish. This coating provides a strong barrier, ensuring optimal resistance to environmental elements and extending the vehicle's lifespan. With its high-grade steel construction and protective paint finish, the vehicle guarantees long-lasting performance and maintains its visual appeal even in challenging conditions.

Roof Guard

The unique interface of the electric forklift features a visually striking and highly durable single-piece molded roof guard. This roof guard stands out with its curved design, which not only adds to its aesthetic appeal but also enhances its functionality. The curved shape provides exceptional resistance to compression, ensuring the roof guard can withstand significant pressure and impacts. This design element contributes to a high level of safety, offering protection to both the operator and the forklift itself in the event of overhead hazards or accidents. The combination of visual appeal, durability, and safety features makes the single-piece molded roof guard a standout component of the electric forklift's interface.


The structure of the electric forklift is crafted using a one-piece forging technique, resulting in a robust and stable framework. This construction method ensures exceptional resilience and durability, allowing for a streamlined and efficient process when adjusting the truck. The one-piece forging technique enhances the overall stability of the forklift, enabling smooth and precise adjustments to be made with ease. This contributes to increased operational efficiency and optimized performance during material handling tasks. The incorporation of this technique highlights the emphasis on quality and functionality in the design of the electric forklift, making it a reliable and efficient choice for various industrial applications.


Specially designed for lightweight and low-tonnage forklifts, this specialized system utilizes high-quality brand axles and a support system. It incorporates a unified axle box design, ensuring optimal performance and durability. The premium brand axles provide exceptional strength and reliability, enabling smooth and efficient operation of the forklift. The support system further enhances stability and load-bearing capacity, ensuring safe and efficient handling of materials. With its specialized engineering and the incorporation of premium components, this system is tailored to meet the specific needs of lightweight and low-tonnage forklifts, guaranteeing reliable performance and longevity.


The forklift is outfitted with durable and noise-reducing natural rubber tires. These solid tires are designed to operate continuously for 24 hours, minimizing the need for maintenance and reducing associated costs. Additionally, these tires exhibit excellent load-bearing capabilities, ensuring reliable performance even in low-temperature conditions. The combination of durability, quiet operation, extended continuous usage, and strong load-bearing capabilities makes the natural rubber tires a valuable feature of the forklift, enhancing its efficiency and reducing operational downtime.

Side panels:

Crafted using multi-part molds, the side panels of this product exhibit an appealing design and exceptional finish. The unique lines of the panels enhance the forklift's agility, creating a visually striking and powerful appearance.

Steering wheel:

The inclusion of a hydraulic-assisted multi-function steering wheel ensures effortless operation and precise control. This advanced user-machine interface provides a comfortable and enjoyable driving experience, allowing for smooth maneuvering.

Wide body gantry:

The front and rear upper beams of the wide body gantry have been reinforced, and two additional pipes have been added to enhance pillar resistance. This design enhancement ensures enhanced structural integrity and durability, making the gantry robust and reliable for various material handling tasks.

LED headlights:

The LED headlights of this product are meticulously engineered, developed independently to combine both aesthetic appeal and practical functionality. These headlights emit light with 25% greater intensity compared to conventional lamps, providing enhanced visibility and safety.


Designed to resemble those found in high-end brands, the seats of this product offer exceptional comfort and support. By reducing driver fatigue, these seats contribute to improved safety and longevity during extended periods of operation.


Equipped with various safety features, including a cargo support feature, anti-tilt functionality, and automatic parking, this product ensures optimal braking performance. The inclusion of an electromagnetic brake and an anti-skid brake system further reinforces safety measures, providing reliable and secure braking capabilities in different operating conditions.

Inlet cylinder:

The inlet cylinder of this vehicle is equipped with a robust piston rod and a high-quality foreign-made cylinder, ensuring a reliable and leak-resistant seal. This design feature enhances the overall performance and efficiency of the cylinder, providing a secure and dependable component for the vehicle's operation.

Scram button:

For emergency situations, the vehicle is equipped with a scram button that allows for the immediate disconnection of the power supply. Activating the emergency stop switch reduces the potential for accidents by swiftly cutting off the power, ensuring the safety of both the operator and bystanders.


The vehicle features an integrated battery system that provides sustained power for its operation. This integrated system ensures a consistent and reliable power source, allowing for uninterrupted functionality and reducing the need for frequent battery replacements or recharging.

Product Parameter

We are a company specializing in the production of electric forklifts. We are committed to providing high-quality electric forklift products and providing customized solutions for customers. 



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